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Capture the beauty of the Caribbean's crystal-clear waters, high-end attractions a shore and pristine beaches as the backdrop to your laid back luxury yacht charter.

A luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean is a story of its own. While soaking up the sun and enjoying the pristine and crystal clear waters from the sundeck of your yacht to explore the pure nature barefoot to high-end restaurants and attractions along the way. Showcase the vibrant local culture through portraits of friendly locals and colorful architecture. In Antigua, capture the charm of the historic English Harbour and its picturesque surroundings and in St Barths, focus on the chic and glamorous atmosphere of the island’s upscale restaurants and boutiques. Montserrat, with highlights like the island’s lush rainforests and secluded coves. Capture the cosmopolitan vibe of St Martin and the island’s bustling markets and lively beach bars. Above all, convey the sense of indulgence and relaxation that comes with a luxury yacht charter in this tropical paradise.

Day 1 | Antigua

Board your Leeward Islands superyacht charter yacht in Falmouth Harbour on the beautiful island of Antigua. Falmouth Harbour is a stone’s throw away from the famous Nelson’s Dockyard, an old British colonial naval station. Spend the afternoon exploring the dockyard with a local guide, then take a trip up the mountain to Shirley Heights for a fantastic sunset. Later, arrive at Carlisle Bay on the south western tip of the island, and enjoy the wellbeing spa and fine dining at the luxury Carlisle Bay resort.

Antigua Yacht Charter Destination

Day 2 | Montserrat

Cruise to Montserrat aboard you superyacht charter in Antigua and anchor in Rendezvous Bay on the north-west side of the island for a day of watersports and exploring. With few visitors, this bay is pristine and free of development. Two thirds of Montserrat was engulfed in ash when the Soufriere volcano erupted in 1995, and much still remains submerged. It has been slowly coming back to life and offers a unique tranquillity and friendly locals. Step off your Leeward Island private cruise and visit the volcano or the partially buried city of Plymouth, the Caribbean’s answer to Pompeii.

Day 3 | St Kitts

Enjoy an early morning cruise aboard your yacht rental in the Caribbean to the unspoilt island of St Kitts, with pristine beaches and historical sites such as Brimstone Hill Fortress and National Park. For golf enthusiasts, St Kitts is home to the 18-hole Royal St Kitts Golf Course, right on the water’s edge. Tie up overnight in Christophe Harbour, a new marina set in a natural harbour.

Yacht Charter Guide Caribbeaan St Kitts
Yacht Charter Guide Caribbean Nevis 2

Day 4 | Nevis

After a short sail aboard your Antigua yacht charter, arrive on Nevis. Explore the island’s stunning plantation houses reimagined into luxury hotels. Take the strenuous climb up Nevis Peak to be rewarded with sweeping views over Antigua, Montserrat and other islands. Wander the Asian-inspired Botanical Gardens. Nevis is also perfect for horseback riding on the beach or hiking trails before the sun is high in the noonday sky.

Day 5 | St Martin

St. Martin is the French side of the island, also known as Sint Maarten to those from The Netherlands. During your superyacht charter in Antigua, take your choice of either culture in Caribbean style, with pretty beaches on the French side, substantial marinas on the Dutch side and everything from casinos to fine dining in between. Watersports are an option here too.

Yacht Charter Guide Caribbean St Martin 2
Yacht Charter Guide Caribbean Paradise

Day 6 | Anguila

Anguilla, to the north, is a fantastic place to spend a beach day during your superyacht charter in Antigua. This exclusive island attracts far fewer crowds than you’ll find on Saint Maarten, as well as some higher-end restaurants. Save some time after sunset to visit The Dune for live reggae and rum punch with Bankie Banx, Anguilla’s answer to Bob Dylan.

Day 7 | St Barths

On to St. Barths, the Saint-Tropez of the Caribbean. Gustavia Harbour is your entry point to fine shops, boutiques and restaurants. Send the kids snorkelling while you browse the Cartier, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and more along the waterfront streets. Harborfront cocktails are a must before heading back to your private cruise in the Leeward Islands.

Yacht Charter Guide Caribbean St Barths 2

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RESILIENCE Charter Yacht ISA Yachts Dreamyachts


ISA | 65M | 2021 | 7 CABINS | 12 GUEST | 15 CREW

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AMELS | 60m | 2022 | 6 CABINS | 12 GUEST | 14 CREW

RATE FROM 450.000€

ARKADIA Luxury Charter Yacht Heesen


HEESEN | 50m | 2021 | 5 CABINS | 11 GUEST | 9 CREW

RATE FROM 275.000€


BENETTI | 42M | 2019 | 6 CABINS | 12 GUEST | 9 CREW

RATE FROM 196.000$

EMOCEAN Luxury Charter Yacht Rosetti Dreamyachts


ROSETTI | 38M | 2021 | 5 CABINS | 12 GUEST | 7 CREW

RATE FROM 160.000€

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