Glamour on the French Riviera, diving with sharks in the Bahamas, New Year's in St Barths, amazing honeymoon in Indonesia or party like a rockstar during the Monaco Grand Prix?


Wherever your dreams might take you, a luxury yacht charter can be experienced in over 130 yachting destinations around the world

Imagine waking up in a small, secluded and shallow bay in Croatia for that morning swim, dining in the sunset on the deck of your own Dreamyacht, watching the sunset over Ibiza and its breathtaking horizon. Visualize yourself and your company on a adventure charter in the Antarctics dividing with whales and a submersible or why not viewing the Monaco Grand Prix with clients from the back of a superyacht. Celebrate New Year’s with your family and friends in the Caribbean, anchoring outside the cliffs of Capri, taking the tender in for a nice lunch and explore the boutiques and amazing atmosphere.The dream is out there, just waiting for you to catch it..


From the Balearics in the West to Greece in the East, the pure beauty of the whole Mediterranean

Spanning from the crystal clear waters and party vibe in the Balearics, to the glamour and unparalleled luxury of St Tropez, Antibes, Cannes on the Cote d’Azur towards Monaco and picturesque Portofino. The clifftop villages of the Amalfi Coast along Capri and Positano to the pure and genuine nature of Croatia´s archipelago and shallow bays. Not to be forgotten, the golden sandy beaches the Greek Islands and its pure wildness and relaxed atmosphere. The Mediterranean is the heart and soul for the one who wants to escape on a luxury charter with all of its ingredients.


The pure beauty of freedom, paradise and an everlasting vibe of relaxation

Discover paradise in the everlasting beauty of the Caribbean & the Bahamas while enjoying life barefoot in the best of ways. During a yacht charter in these waters you get to experience true paradise but also the pure essence of natural wildlife. Swimming with sharks, diving in caves, wrecks, romantic dinners in the sunset on a small sandy strip while island hopping in the Exumas. Reality is left behind and you are living your dream that will forever create unforgettable memories. From October to April is the best time to go when cooling trade winds sets the pace for idyllic temperatures and sunbathing. 

Curious how a charter itinerary can look like?

Have a look at our sample itinerary for the French Riviera here



A hidden jewel that will leave you breathless and stunned for life

Truly exotic, the waters of the Indian Ocean and South East Asia offer thousands of islands and a magical journey into unexplored territories like no other destination. The unspoilt beauty of Indonesia is yet to be discovered since it’s a fairly new yachting destination but the rewards for the adventure seeker is enormous. The magical islands raising up like mushrooms in the archipelago of Raja Ampat, the crystal clear waters of the Maldives and Seychelles. The natural beauty is endless and often best explored by yacht.     

Hayman Island Luxury Yacht Charter Guide


South Pacific & Australia

Home to some of the most exciting places on earth to be discovered by yacht

With over 7.500 islands to choose from the choice might not be as easy as it seems. South Pacific & Australia offers some of the most exciting places in the world that combines the endless relaxation with the possebility for endless adventures. From Sydney to Melbourne you get the chance to experience waterfalls, rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef. Fiji and Tahiti offers the adventurous world class diving and surfing together with a feeling of pure paradise and amazing nature.

Ferrari Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix Charter Yacht

Have you booked your yacht for the Monaco Grand Prix 2023?


A yachting destination on the uprise for the adrenalin seeker and ambitious

Home of the ambitious younger generation and fortunate heritage of the Middle East. Dubai is like no other place on earth and the way old meets new is none other than breath taking. The impressions just as the neck turns are endless and the scene of ultra modern buildings in contrast to the Grand Mosque are amazing. The Arabian sun greets you in all its splendor and here you can endulge in any of the worlds finest establishments while exploring the untouched jewels of the Red Sea on a desert yacht safari between Dubai, Qatar and Abu Dhabi.  

Middle East Yachting
LEGEND Charter Yacht Adventure Svalbard Antarctica


There is nothing that comes even close to the impressions a expedition charter offers

A cruise onboard a luxury expedition yacht like LEGEND is a life-changing adventure for everyone involved and that very few experience. The pure nature of wilderness at the palm of your hand and only your own imagination sets its boundaries. To experience the Antarctic on a yacht is the pinnacle of adventures and unforgettable stories to tell your grandkids about if you don’t bring them. The abundance of wildlife and to be part of nature in its essence is what attracts a adventure charterer. Submersible diving, heli-skiing, polar bears, killer whales underneath your rib close enough so you can touch them will keep your adrenaline level permanent. 


Special occasions and events all over the world requires special talent and handling

During the year and all over the world, events takes place that are best viewed from the sundeck of a dream yacht. Events that are widely considered are sailing regattas, surfing competitions and big game fishing. The most famous of them all is the Monaco Grand Prix that takes place the last week of May. An iconic event for both business and pleasure where you will be able to socialize with partners, friends and family while soaking up the atmosphere of the Grand Prix. Monaco comes alive during the Grand Prix and is renowned for its fine dining options and world-class gastronomic experiences.  Chartering a yacht during the Monaco Grand Prix gives you unparalleled access to the event but to succeed  it requires the right approach and special handling like no other charter. Lucky for you, DREAMYACHTS has everything in place to make sure you get into pole position.

Monaco Grand Prix Yachtlife

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