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First Look At The New Interior of Luxury Charter Yacht O´EVA

O´EVA Luxury Charter Yacht CMN Yachts

The Extensive Refit of Luxury Charter Yacht O´EVA is completed and what a beauty she is

O´EVA Luxury Charter Yacht Interior

Once known as Cloud 9 by CMN Yachts, the remarkable superyacht O’EVA has recently undergone a major refit at Golden Yachts, emerging as a true masterpiece in the world of luxury cruising. With its exquisite design and state-of-the-art amenities, O’EVA offers an unforgettable experience for those seeking to explore the mesmerizing beauty of Greece’s Cyclades islands.

The transformation of O’EVA showcases the relentless pursuit of perfection by Golden Yachts. This prestigious refit has elevated the yacht to new heights, setting a new standard for luxury and opulence on the seas. With enhanced interior and exterior features, O’EVA is a true reflection of elegance and sophistication.

Stepping on board O’EVA, guests are greeted by an awe-inspiring atmosphere. The interior that was meticulously designed by the renowned Parisian designer, Andrew Winch has now been transformed by Massari Design and exudes a harmonious blend of contemporary style and timeless charm. Luxurious materials, such as marble, rare woods, and sumptuous fabrics, create an ambiance of refined indulgence throughout the yacht’s spacious living areas.

O´EVA Luxury Charter Yacht Golden Yachts

The superyacht accommodates up to 12 guests in six lavishly appointed cabins, including a master suite, a VIP suite, and four beautifully designed guest cabins. Each cabin boasts panoramic views of the surrounding seascape, ensuring a constant connection with the stunning Greek islands.

O’EVA’s onboard amenities are truly exceptional. The spacious sundeck features a large jacuzzi, inviting guests to unwind while enjoying breathtaking views. For the fitness enthusiasts, the yacht offers a fully equipped gymnasium, enabling guests to maintain their wellness routines even while at sea. An array of water toys, including jet skis, paddleboards, and snorkeling gear, provides endless entertainment for guests looking to explore the crystal-clear waters of the Cyclades.

The refit of O’EVA also encompasses significant improvements to its technological capabilities. Cutting-edge audiovisual systems and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity ensure seamless entertainment and communication experiences for guests throughout their journey. Additionally, the yacht’s stability systems and state-of-the-art engines ensure a smooth and comfortable sailing experience, even in challenging sea conditions.

A luxury yacht charter onboard O’EVA in the Cyclades promises a truly captivating adventure. Cruising through the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, guests have the opportunity to explore the enchanting islands that make up this stunning archipelago. From the iconic white-washed buildings of Santorini to the pristine beaches of Mykonos, the Cyclades offer a picturesque backdrop for an unforgettable vacation.

Charter guests can indulge in the authentic Greek cuisine prepared by the yacht’s talented onboard chef, who crafts a culinary experience tailored to individual preferences. Dining al fresco on the spacious aft deck, savoring delectable dishes while basking in the warm Mediterranean breeze, is an experience that epitomizes the joy of luxury yachting.

Beyond the breathtaking landscapes and impeccable service, O’EVA presents the opportunity for unique experiences on and off the yacht. Exploring ancient ruins, swimming in secluded coves, and experiencing the vibrant nightlife of cosmopolitan islands are just a few of the endless possibilities awaiting charter guests in the Cyclades.

In conclusion, the major refit of O'EVA, formerly known as Cloud 9 by CMN Yachts, at Golden Yachts has transformed this superyacht into a true masterpiece of luxury and comfort. Its stunning design, exceptional amenities, and state-of-the-art features provide an unparalleled experience for those seeking an indulgent getaway in the picturesque waters of Greece's Cyclades. O'EVA invites guests to embark on a journey of unforgettable beauty, where every moment on board

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