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Luxury Watch Maker Jacob & Co Tells Time Looks Good

Jacob & Co Bugatti Collection

Jacob & Co. Doubles It's Revenue From 2020 To 2022

A couple a days ago, Jacob & Co. reported an impressive record revenue growth of +132% between 2020 and 2022, despite those being peak pandemic years. With the recent mono-brand store openings all around the globe it’s clear that the NYC-based Luxury Watch Maker is setting the bar for 2023 higher still!

So who is Jacob & Co and what is the story behind this prestigious high end luxury watch brand?



Jacob Arabo


Jacob Arabo, Founder and Chairman of Jacob & Co., came to the USA from the former USSR because his family wanted a better life. His father and mother emigrated to the USA with Jacob and his four sisters with nothing but what they could carry, and Jacob soon set out to make the most of this opportunity.

Jacob Arabo began his journey in the world of fine jewelry and timepieces as an apprentice with a watchmaker that first summer in America, which is where he forged his fascination with timepieces.

“My father gave me a watch as a gift when I was 13 years old, which displayed two timezones, and it had a gold-plated map of the world on the dial,” Mr. Arabo remembers. “It had two mechanical movements and that’s where the idea for the five timezone watch came from. During my apprenticeship, I learned how to take a watch apart, how many parts there were, and it really moved me how complicated even a simple watch was. For me, I fell in love with watchmaking right then and there, and I started dreaming of making my own watch. My experience there inspires me and drives me still today.”

Read the full story and heritage of Jacob & Co´s amazing journey here

The driving force for Jacob & Co. is creativity. From his earliest beginnings in jewelry and watches, Jacob Arabo has been designing beautiful and innovative products. The breadth of Jacob & Co.’s offering shows the brand’s insatiable need to produce amazing pieces that the world has never seen before. Pieces that has become one of the most sought after time pieces in the world and worn by celebrities all over the world like Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Drake and Floyd Mayweather just to mention a few.



“I have to create,” says Mr. Arabo.”My dream has always been to invent things that haven’t been done before. For the brand, it’s about making the impossible reality.” Jacob & Co.’s mission is to create beautiful, dynamic and unique pieces of watchmaking and jewelry art.


The 5 conditions that sets Jacob & Co apart from other high end luxury watch makers


Fearless: Jacob & Co. is not afraid to create watches and jewelry that have only existed in dreams.

Pioneering: Jacob & Co. has a well-deserved reputation for breaking new ground in high watchmaking, creating complications and combinations of complications that are new to high watchmaking, while still using traditional methods to create radical new timepieces.

Innovative: Trying new ways of doing things, using different materials and developing new complications are all part of Jacob & Co.’s reason for being — Jacob & Co. will never settle for being like everyone else.

Creative: The Jacob & Co. collections are brimming with radical ideas, presenting designs, complications and combinations that break new ground in high watchmaking and high jewelry.

Risk-taking: The majority of Jacob’s high complications were initially thought to be “impossible,” according to the staid Swiss. Yet, Jacob & Co. is committed to turning these ideas — like the SF24, the Astronomia, the Opera, the Twin Turbo and Twin Turbo Furious, and more – into reality.

To make the impossible a reality. Jacob Arabo lives to create timepieces and jewelry that the world has never seen. Take the Astronomia Collection as an example “A galaxy on the wrist, many Swiss watchmakers saw this idea as “Impossible.” Mr. Arabo took up the challenge and made this timepiece, and its many iterations, a reality and a success.


Jacob & Co Astronomia

The Godfather Jacob & Co

Jacob & Co Bugatti Chiron 3


Mr. Arabo is not content making hundreds of the same watches and jewelry. He lives to create and innovate, always working on the next ground-breaking, revolution idea. Jacob & Co. is a different kind of watch company, combining the daring and entrepreneurial spirit of America with the high watchmaking and high jewelry making of Switzerland.



With a foot in both worlds, Mr. Arabo and his company are dedicated to shaking up the status quo for many years to come and time will tell, in the most amazing of ways if he was right.


This story has used input from various channels like Watchonista, Jacob & Co´s Homepage to make it presentable  


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