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The Brand New Azimut S7 is here

Azimut S7 Luxury Charter Yacht

Italian craftmanship at its best

At boot Dusseldorf, Azimut premiered the new and highly anticipated S7 – The most technologically advanced sport yacht on the market. She is the latest addition to the Low Emission Yachts family, achieving the lowest fuel consumption in her category with the extensive use of carbon, the adoption of a triple VOLVO IPS engine configuration and an optimized hull design.

The latest sport yacht from Azimut also amazes by providing an unexpected sense of spaciousness, with a sportfly 30% larger than her predecessor’s, yet cleverly masked by the fluid and organic lines conceived by renowned yacht designer Alberto Mancini.

Azimut S7 2023 Luxury Yacht

The novelty of the new yacht goes even deeper. It inspired debuting interior design studio Yachtique to take a fresh
approach, prioritizing peace of mind and continuity between interior and exterior. Most strikingly, the windows flanking the salon have been enlarged and the bulwarks cut away to enhance and make constant guests’ visual contact with the sea.

For more than a decade, Azimut has been investing in the research and development of technologies to immediately reduce the environmental impact of yachting. When POD propulsion emerged, Azimut was the first brand to believe in it, because of its promise of higher efficiency. The yard therefore began acquiring early expertise, which has kept it on the frontier of the pivotal technology, introducing new implementations, most exhilarating of which is the triple VOLVO IPS POD configuration. The propulsion system, combined with a superstructure that has been lightened by 30% with the extensive use of carbon fiber and evermore refined hull lines, guarantees a reduction in emissions from 20 to 30% at the most frequently travelled speeds.

Azimut S7 Launch Luxury Yacht

Thus, the Eco-Sporty nature of the yacht is founded on what was once considered a contradiction and has now been revealed as the fastest way forward – already at the forefront today. In fact, the new model already comes close to the IMO Emissions Guidelines for models produced after 2030, serving as an optimistic omen of the brand’s ability to reduce its impact on our marine ecosystems.

Azimut S7 Launch Luxury Yacht

The new S7 proposes an unexpected reinterpretation of sport yacht interior design, envisioned by Yachtique for its debut project with Azimut. Founded in 2008 to assist superyacht owners in the selection of styles and decorations, Yachtique is uniquely positioned to integrate the nautical know-how of a shipyard with the inspiring desires of owners. Throughout the onboard environments, the Italian creative boutique has given life to a new, modern take on sporty style, more focused on wellbeing, airy feelings and bright colors – with a touch of residential chic.

Azimut S7 Launch Luxury Yacht
Azimut S7 Launch Luxury Yacht Owners Suite

The freshness of Yachtique’s approach flows from the synthesis of their interior design projects in the mega yacht segment with their keen anticipation of trends in the worlds of luxury and fashion. Inspired by the S7’s hi-tech approach to reducing ecological impact, the design ethos favors conscious connection with the outside to echo and enhance the relaxing presence of nature.

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